Pond Deicers

Hydro Logic AirLift Aeration Systems - Superior Deicers for Ponds and Lakes!

Hydro Logic AirLift aeration systems are commonly used as pond deicers and lake deicers. There are six different models to choose from. The AirLift units due double duty by both deicing and aerating pond and lakes during the harshest winter months.  AirLift pond and lake deicers and aerators are used most commonly to:

  • Avoid winter fishkills
  • Protect docks and boats from ice damage
  • Create open water habitat for waterfowl

In addition, the Hydro Logic AirLift systems are second to none when it comes to aerating pond and lakes.  The AirLift series is used to aerate both shallow and deep ponds and lakes.

To protect docks and boats, AirPod air diffusers are placed around dock pilings and underneath moored boats.