Pond Bacteria

MicroLife Pond & Lake Bacteria by Hydro Logic Products

  • MicroLife Get the MUCK OUT - Highly concentrated, solid, time released bio-pucks targeting pond muck & sludge
  • MicroLife Clear - Highly concentrated, powdered bacteria product in water soluble packs (WSPs) for ponds
  • MicroLife Clear Max - Extremely concentrated, bulk powdered product for lakes and very stubborn ponds

MicroLife bacteria products - simply the most concentrated pond and lake beneficial bacteria products on the market today!  MicroLife Clear, MicroLife Clear Max, and MicroLife Get the Muck Out (aka Muck Out) products have been rigorously field tested by our professional pond and lake managers.

All MicroLife beneficial bacteria products when used regularly, this product will reduce murky water (improve water clarity); reduce ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and phosphorus; reduce bottom sludge (muck); and reduce odors.

Overall, MicroLife Clear benefical pond bacteria is used most frequently in small ponds (koi ponds and backyard ponds), ponds, and small lakes. MicroLife Clear Max beneficial bacteria is generally used in larger ponds, lakes, and reservoirs and difficult to manage, stubborn ponds. Lastly, MicroLife Get The MUCK OUT primarily targets pond muck, pond sludge and organic pond and lake sediments.


  • Benefical Pond Bacteria, Pond Bacteria, MicroLife Get the Muck Out! Pond Bacteria, and Best Pond Bacteria for Muck Digestion and Muck Reduction Muck digestion and muck reduction in ponds and lakes using beneficial bacteria

    MicroLife Muck Out Pond Bacteria (25 lb 100 pucks)

    MicroLife Get the MUCK OUT! is one of our newest pond and lake bacteria products for Pond and Lake Muck Digestion and Reduction! Get the MUCK OUT! is a time released bio-puck formulated to breakdown organic pond and lake sediments (pond and lake...

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  • Benefical Pond Bacteria, Pond Bacteria, MicroLife Clear Pond Bacteria, and Best Pond Bacteria

    MicroLife Clear Pond Bacteria (25 lb 50 WSP)

    MicroLife Clear is one of our best sellers. Compare MicroLife Clear to other pond bacteria products and simply see the difference! Up to 5 times More Concentrated than Other Brands. MicroLife Clear is an all natural formulation of...

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