Voted Again The Best Pond Supplies & Pond Management in SE PA in 2015!

Voted Again The Best Pond Supplies & Pond Management in SE PA in 2015!

26th Oct 2015

Aqua Link Voted Again the Best Pond Supplies Store & Pond Management Company in SE PA in 2015!

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All ponds and lakes naturally age over time, resulting in problems such as excessive growth of algae and aquatic weeds, shallowness from accumulated sediment, noxious odors, poor fishing, or even fish kills from dissolved oxygen depletion.

That’s where Aqua Link comes in. The Doylestown-based pond and lake management company, named again Best of Bucks Mont Pond Supplies, has the expertise, products, and supplies to properly maintain healthy, balanced pond and lake ecosystems. Aqua Link provides a wide variety of pond and lake management services including algae and aquatic weed control; water quality testing; fish stockings; and water fountain and aerator sales, service, and installation.

Ed Molesky, president of Aqua Link (, is a senior aquatic biologist. A NALMS Certified Lake Manager who has studied ponds and lakes throughout the U.S., he started the company 18 years ago. Originally, Aqua Link only focused on managing larger lakes and reservoirs and did very little work on ponds less than five acres in size.

“Early on, we received numerous phone calls about how to fix local pond problems and we repeatedly said that we only study and manage larger lake systems,” said Molesky. Shortly thereafter, Aqua Link began helping local pond owners.

“And now our pond maintenance portion of the business has grown exponentially,” he said.

Aqua Link still works on larger lakes such as those in the Pocono Mountains and throughout the U.S. Lakes that Aqua Link has studied include Lake Galena, Lake Nockamixon, Lake Towhee, and Silver Lake. Aqua Link also serves as the lake manager for Lake Wallenpaupack, spanning 5,700 acres in Pike and Wayne counties.

Aqua Link sells a wide variety of pond and lake products including aquatic pesticides (algaecides and herbicides), water fountains, pond and lake aerators, pond dyes and pond bacteria additives. Many of these items are sold through Aqua Link’s online pond supply store (www.The Aqua Link serves as master distributors and service repair centers for AquaMaster, Kasco, and Otterbine water fountains plus Keeton solar aerators. Aqua Link also manufacturers its own line of pond and lake aerators under the Hydro Logic AirLift name. It carries its own proprietary line of pond and lake bacteria additives and pond and lake dyes (colorants) under the MicroLife Clear and AquaSplash trade names, respectively(

Molesky said he’s surprised by the success of his business, from local customers who’ve named it Best of Bucks Mont Pond Supplies this year again to international sales of the company’s pond and lake products.

“We’ve had some very unique sales. For example, we have sold our Hydro Logic AirLift pond aerators to several island resorts off the coast of Africa and golf courses in the desserts of Saudi Arabia and Dubai,” he said.