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Aqua Link is both nationally and internationally recognized as a water resources management company specializing in pond and lake management and restoration since 1998! We physically work on hundreds of ponds and lakes throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. We also provide pond and lake management consultation services and sell pond and lake equipment (water fountains and aerators) and products (pond bacteria, pond dyes, aquatic pesticides) throughout the U.S. and internationally.


Aqua Link is your one stop shop when it comes to pond and lake management. For more information about all of our pond and lake maintenance and management services and pond and lake products, please visit We provide a wide variety of aquatic services including:

  • Algae & aquatic weed control
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Aquascaping
  • Fish assessments & fish stockings
  • Aeration system sales, installation & maintenance
  • Pond and lake mapping (water-sediment depth mapping)
  • And much, much, more. 

Aqua Link is an Authorized Service Center for many of the top water fountain companies and, pond and lake aeration system manufacturers.  We are staffed with factory trained technicians to service and repair for AquaMaster fountains and aerators, Kasco fountains and aerators, AirMax fountains and aerators, Keeton Solaer aeration systems, and Hydro Logic aeration systems.

Aqua Link can assist you in properly managing your pond or lake - no matter what size!  We have clients with small ponds (less than 1/10th acre) and others with huge reservoirs (exceeding thousands of acres). To get things started, just give us a call for your free consultation by one of our Professional Pond & Lake Managers!

Thank you for considering Aqua Link to assist you in properly managing your pond or lake!

Ed Molesky, CLM

President & Senior Aquatic Biologist & Lake Manager | NALMS Certified Lake Manager (CLM) | Aqua Link & Hydro Logic Products