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Use Our Coupon Code "AquaLink" - Get Instant Savings at Check Out! 

Why Use Our Coupon Code?

Some of our suppliers only allow stores to only show their Minimized Advertising Prices (MAP) & others do not. MAP is similar to Retail Prices.  However, Aqua Link offers much lower pricing than MAP.  It's so easy to get your best price, just follow the simple instructions below:


  1. Place items in your cart
  2. View your cart & enter our Coupon Code - AQUALINK
  3. Get Instant Savings at Checkout for Items Priced at MAP!  (Note: Some items may be discounted already) 
  4. Yes, it's that simple to get your best online prices...   

For our suppliers that do not require MAP, these items are discounted already at our online store and therefore, the Instant Coupon Code will not work for these items. 

Coupon Code for Aqua Link's Online Store

AQUALINK    Instant Savings on Many Store Items