Sonar AS (Sonar A.S.) Aquatic Herbicide by SePRO

SePRO Sonar AS (1 Pint)

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Sonar AS PT
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Sonar As (1 Pint)

Sonar AS (Sonar A.S.) is one of the two original formulations of Sonar aquatic herbicide manufactured by SePRO. Sonar AS is available for immediate uptake into the target plants. Sonar A.S. provides the most efficient concentration level and is the ideal choice in waterbodies with minimal water flow and when targeting submerged and floating leaved aquatic plants.

Sonar AS provides season long aquatic weed control and is a systemic aquatic herbicide that kills at the roots. Sonar aquatic herbicide selectivity is dependent upon dosage, time of year, stage of growth, method of application and water movement. Please refer the Sonar AS Product Label below for more information on vascular aquatic plants controlled, partially controlled and not controlled by Sonar. Please note that algae (chara, nitella, and filamentous species) are not controlled by Sonar. 

Pond Pro Notes: This product is terrific in controlling surface infestations of watermeal and duckweed.  Best if you apply evenly over the entire surface of pond and mix with surfactant like Cidekick II.

Size: 1 Pint

Ingredients: 41.7 percent Fluridone. 

Additional Product Info:  pdf-small.jpg Sonar AS Label & pdf-small.jpg Sonar AS MSDS 

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