HLP AirPod XL Air Diffuser

HLP AirPod XL Air Diffuser

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Hydro Logic AirPod air diffusers come standard with all Hydro Logic AirLift aeration systems. These air diffusers are the most durable, efficient & largest air diffusers on the market today and extremely easy to install. Each AirPod contains 2 large 24 in. rubber, EPDM tubular air diffusers securely attached to a highly stable base containing two ballast tubes.  The dual air diffusers are capable of handling airflow rates of 1 to 15 cfm.  Overall, EPDM tube diffusers are far superior to air stones, porous media and even EPDM round disc diffusers. Each Hydro Logic standard EPDM tube diffuser is more than 2 ½ times larger than two 9" EPDM disc diffusers. AirPod air diffusers are constructed to withstand total airflow from the compressors without damaging the EPDM membranes (unlike EPDM disc air diffusers).

AirPod air diffusers are often purchased to replace Vertex AirStation air diffusers and air diffusers manufactured by Kasco, AquaMaster, Aqua Control and many others.

Additional parts required: either 3/8 (Part No. HLP DIF-DUWT375) or 5/8 inch fitting (Part No. HLP DIF-DUWT675) to connect AirPod diffuser to DownUnder weighted air supply tubing. Part No. HLP DIF-DUWT375 requires the use of stainless steel hose clamps (Part No. HLP HC-375). 



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