Keeton Solaer Solar Pond Aerator SB1 and SB2

Keeton Solaer SB-2 Solar Pond Aerator

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Keeton Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator - 2 Air Diffusers and Up to 2 acres 

2014 Price List      
Model No. Features Retail Price       Call for Best Price!
SB-2 2 Diffusers $6,395 1.877.230.9325
SB-2B 2 Diffusers + 200 ft. tubing     $6,595  1.877.230.9325


The Keeton Solaer series of solar powered pond aerators and lake aeration systems are the ideal choice for remote ponds and lakes where power is not available or for an environmentally conscious solution. The SB-1 and SB-2 are effective in aerating ponds and lakes up to 2 surface acres in size.

These systems come complete with a high efficiency solar panel, charge control system, battery back-up, EcoFlow energy efficient compressor, high volume cooling fans, programmable digital timer and a fully adjustable aluminum manifold housed in attractive, 100% recycled plastic cabinet. Duraplate self-cleaning, non-clogging membrane diffusers emit millions of tiny bubbles that increase dissolved oxygen levels while eliminating stratification, improving water quality and clarity.  

pdf-small.jpg  Keeton Solaer Solar Pond Aerator SB1 and SB2 Quick Specs 


The Cabinet
• Attractive, 100% recycled plastic cabinet
• 20”W x 24”L x 27” T
• 37cfm cooling blower
• Two - 2 Valve Adjustable Manifolds
• Programmable Digital Timer
• Sound reduction package
• 1” ASTM certified Acoustical Foam
• Charge Control System
• Dual EcoFlow 24V Compressors
• 24 V High Efficiency Solar Panel 

The Tubing
• Self-weighted
• 1/2” I.D. with 1/4” sidewalls
• Fishhook resistant
• Will not kink or break
• Available in 100’ and 500’ lengths
• 15 year warranty

The Diffuser
• Self-cleaning
• Non-clogging
• Self-weighted
• Fishhook resistant
• High Oxygen transfer
• Lifetime warranty

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