Welcome to Aqua Link's Online Pond & Lake Supply Store!

9th Mar 2011

Thank you for visiting Aqua Link’s online pond and lake supply store! Our store carries only the finest pond and lake management equipment and supplies at the best prices. The Aqua Link online store was recently launched in the Winter 2011 and will continue to expand throughout the year. 

More about Aqua Link... 

Aqua Link is an environmental consulting firm, which provides technical services to a diverse group of clients facing complex water resources and watershed management problems. We specialize in assessing, managing and restoring ponds, lakes and streams. Some of our representative clients include associations (lake, stream, watershed, homeowner, property owner), government agencies (local, county, state and federal), conservation districts, industry, golf courses, other consulting firms and private citizens.

Aqua Link’s philosophy is quite simple – we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Customer satisfaction and results are what drive our business. These only come by offering excellent service and superior equipment and products at great prices! Equally important is technical support. That’s why Aqua Link is staffed with experienced, professionals that can answer all of your technical questions.

Aqua Link's highly qualified staff has participated in over 100 major stream, lake studies and watershed management projects throughout the United States. Our staff also has extensive experience in grant writing and preparation, environmental education and permitting.