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DownUnder 3/8 in. Aeration Tubing (100 ft. Boxed)

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HLP DUWT375-100B
22.00 LBS
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100 feet coiled and box DownUnder™ 3/8 in. diameter (0.375 inch I.D.) air supply tubing used to connect Hydro Logic AirLift air compressors to AirPod air diffusers. DownUnder aeration tubing is constructed of a flexible PVC composite and is self-weighted in order to firmly remain along the pond or lake bottom after the installation. In general, best suited for shallow ponds when water depths are less than 10 feet and tubing runs do not exceed 300 feet in length

Sections of DownUnder™ tubing are connected together using either brass or plastic barbed ½ inch insert fittings and stainless steel hose clamps. DownUnder™ tubing is designed to reduce the overall system pressure requirements and to extend the life of the air compressors. Thick walled to provide long-term durability and protection against kinking and punctures. The air supply tubing remains flexible in cold temperatures allowing for easy year-round installations.

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