Pond Aerator and Pond Aeration System by Hydro Logic

AirLift 4 Pond Aerator System (up to 8 acres)

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Pond Aerator (Pond Aeration System) - Shallow & Deep Ponds & Lakes up to 8 acres 

Hydro Logic AirLift 4™ Aeration System with two (2) 110 or 220 Volt 1/3 HP dual piston air compressors equipped with SureStart technology; tamper resistant,powder coated steel cabinet that blends into its surroundings; manifold air valve assembly with pressure guage and pressure relief valve; and four (4) rugged AirPod EPDM rubber, tubular air diffusers. The AirLift series of aeration systems can be installed in both shallow and deeper lakes exceeding 35 feet deep.  For deeper lakes (greater than 20 feet deep), consider the AirLift XL series. Total weight including air diffusers - 190 pounds.

Hydro Logic Products AirLift 4 pond and lake aeration systems are designed and built to cost effectively mix and aerate ponds and lakes. Hydro Logic AirLift pond aeration systems use billions of micron sized bubbles to improve pond and lake water quality. This aeration system can aerate ponds and lakes up to 8-acres in size depending on air diffuser placement, nutrient concentrations, biological oxygen demand (BOD), water depth and other physical characteristics of the waterbody. The dual piston air compressors, which can deliver air under high pressures (water depths to 35 feet), operate very quietly (55 decibels at 2 meters or 6 feet). In comparison, the noise levels of our air compressors are about 15 decibels less than equivalent rotary vane air compressors. 

This pond aerator (pond aeration system) contains four (4) AirPod™ air diffusers, which simply out perform and out last all other types of air diffusers (air stones, ceramic, micro porous media and EPDM rubber discs). Each AirPod contains a self-cleaning 24-inch tube, EPDM flexible membrane air diffuser equipped with a triple check valve system. The air diffusers are constructed to withstand total airflow from the compressors without damaging the EPDM membranes (unlike EPDM disc air diffusers). The base of the AirPod provides a large surface area between the EPDM membrane and the sediments, thereby preventing sediment disturbance during system operation. The AirPods are extremely easy to install. Simply fill the two ballast tubes with pea gravel or sand prior to their placement in the pond or lake.

Additional Products Required:  DownUnder™ Self Weighted Air Supply Tubing (5/8 in. diamater tubing recommended) - Part No. HLP DUWT 625-100B or Part No. HLP DUWT 625-200R . All fittings are provided in order to connect tubing to the AirPod air diffuser(s) and to join sections of tubing together if aeration system and tubing are purchased together. Compressed air from the dual piston compressor(s) is delivered to the AirPods using the DownUnder self-weighted tubing. DownUnder air supply tubing is constructed of a flexible PVC composite and is kink proof and puncture resistant. It's easy to install and comes in several different lengths and diameters to meet your installation needs.

youtube..png   Liesure Lake Restoration Project - Customer Installation of Hydro Logic AirLift 6 Pond Aerator & Using MicroLife Clear Bacteria (Aqua Link Youtube Channel)

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